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Let me introduce myself

A little about me and why i choose bookkeeping and taxes

I was not long out of college from completing my legal assistant diploma, ended up not enjoying the industry as much as i thought i would. A friend needed a bookkeeper for his small company. I figured why not do it for him. Growing up my Mom did the bookkeeping for my dads company and for their farm so how hard could it be right? Turns out I really enjoy working with numbers, which was surprising to me as math was my least favorite subject in school. I enrolled in a Computerized Payroll Accounting Course offered through a local college and got a full time job at an Accounting Office. Due to lack of work at the office i was employed I was released from my position, which allowed me to fully concentrate on my schooling and finish the courses. A couple months after i had completed my college courses and received my diploma, my Mom suddenly passed. I realized how short life really is and decided to venture off on my own and start business as it allowed me to stay home with my children. It gives me the freedom to be able to see them grow and be able to attend their school events.


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